KUROSHITSUJI :The Musical....

Who would have thought...
But well,its only been perform in Japan...
So,i cant watch!!!!

That Butler, Friendship (その執事、友好, Sono Shitsuji, Yūkō?), a musical adaptation of the manga, had run at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro between May 28, 2009 and June 7, 2009.[20] Yuya Matsushita portrayed Sebastian Michaelis, Shougo Sakamoto played Ciel Phantomhive and Uehara Takuya as Grell Sutcliffe.[21]

Musical Black Butler, The Most Beautiful Death in The World, A Thousand Soul and The Fallen Grim Reapers (ミュージカル『黒執事』〜ザ・モースト・ビューティフル・デス・イン・ザ・ワールド〜千の魂と堕ちた死神, Kuroshitsuji Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami?),[1] the second musical adaptation of the manga, will run at Akasaka Act Theater (1300 seats) in Akasaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, between May 3, 2010 and May 23, 2010. Yuya Matsushita will reprise his role as Sebastian Michaelis, Yukito Nishii will play Ciel Phantomhive, and Uehara Takuya will reprise his role as Grell Sutcliffe. Written by Mari Okada, Directed by Sakurako Fukuyama, Music by Taku Iwasaki, Lyric by Yukinojho Mori.

Get it?Get it?

This is Yuya Matsushita that plays the role of Sebastian,the KUROSHITSUJI

This is Shougo Sakamoto that plays the role of Ciel

Cute...Arent they.... ^^ LOL!

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